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We built myBMI upon our four core values. Education, therapy, diet and exercise. We use our values to deliver best in class weight management plans and treatments to help you achieve your goals.

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We've spent time developing our help and advice library around our four core values. We discuss some of the most common questions associated with weight loss, explore the different treatments available as well as important factors to consider when embarking on your weight loss journey such as supporting diet and exercise.

All our information has been written, researched and then checked by healthcare professionals so you will be assured that what you read is of the highest quality and accuracy.

Foods to avoid on Mounjaro

When to eat and foods to avoid while taking Mounjaro

As we know, when undergoing any weight loss treatment, it’s always best to have a healthy diet and lifestyle to boost treatment and get the full effect. But each treatment has slightly different effects on the body and metabolism, meaning sometimes the average “healthy diet” doesn’t always work the best.

Blood vials filled with blood

Can Saxenda Cause Blood Clots?

It’s great to be cautious about blood clots with new medication. Fortunately, there’s no evidence to suggest Saxenda can cause blood clots.

Male doctors hands and stethoscope

Can my GP Prescribe Saxenda?

Saxenda is now on the NHS, so many people want to know if their GP can prescribe it. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. Let’s find out.

calories in fizzy drinks

Calories in Drinks

In this article, we look at different types of drinks and how calories can hide in some of the UK’s most popular choices.

protein rich meals

All About Protein

Do you need more protein in your diet? Our experts answer all of your questions about protein & how it relates to your weight loss journey.

anxiety caused by weight loss

Does Weight Loss Cause Depression?

Weight loss and feelings of depression sometimes go hand in hand. We explain why some might experience depression during or after weight loss

toilet role

Does Semaglutide Have Side Effects?

Like all medications, Semaglutide can have side effects & you should be aware of them during your treatment. Our experts give you the info.

now later sign board

Does Saxenda Work Immediately?

When you start taking Saxenda you’ll be eager to see results as soon as possible. Our experts explain whether Saxenda works immediately.

woman listening to music

Cardio Workouts at Home

It’s easy to do a cardio workout at home – all you need to get your heart pumping is your own body! Here are some ideas for fun home workouts.

happy female looking at herself in the mirror

How to Stop Taking Saxenda

When you’ve reached your target weight with Saxenda, you may want to finish your treatment. We reveal what happens at the end of treatment.


How to Speed up Weight Loss

Is your weight loss journey not as quick as you’d like? Our experts are here to support you throughout your plateaus & get you back on track.

Weighloss in old clothes.

How to Maintain Weight Loss

The key to long-term weight loss is managing to maintain it. We talk about how to maintain your weight loss for good.

woman measuring with tape measure in front of a mirror

How to Lose Weight Fast in 7 Days

It’s natural to want to lose weight fast when starting. However, this often isn’t healthy. Find out how to boost your weight loss safely.

inject needles close up

How to Inject Semaglutide Properly

Semaglutide is often taken via injection which can be intimidating for first-timers. Our experts explain how to inject Semaglutide properly.

Woman in light blue leggings and a matching crop top measuring her waist with a tape measure

How Effective is Saxenda?

Considering Saxenda weight loss injections? You’ll want to know how much weight you could lose. Read our guide on Saxenda and weight loss.

semaglutide tablets

How does Semaglutide work?

Semaglutide works by mimicking a natural hormone produced in the gut. This helps to reduce appetite, making it easier for you to lose weight.

healthy breakfast

Low GI Foods and the Glycaemic Index

Low GI foods release their energy over a longer period of time, keeping you fuller for longer. We explain how low GI foods could benefit you.

injection needles close up

Semaglutide vs…

There are lots of weight loss medications on the market, so let’s find out how Semaglutide measures up against its competitors.

saxenda which foods should i avoid

Saxenda: What Foods Should I Avoid?

What foods should you avoid while taking Saxenda? Our experts reveal how Liraglutide affects your diet and which foods to look out for.

multigrains meal prep

Portion Control for Weight Loss

A key to weight loss is making sure you don’t over eat & portion control helps. We explain how to size up food portions without overdoing it.

emotional eating

Overcoming Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is when you eat due to your feelings rather than physical hunger. We talk about emotional eating and how to overcome it.

Liraglutide vs Exenatide

Liraglutide Vs Exenatide

Liraglutide and Exenatide are very similar medications, but our experts explain the differences between the two in this detailed guide.

Saxenda dosing calendar

Liraglutide Dosage Guide

Getting your liraglutide dose right is important for the best results. Our dosage calendar helps you to stay on track.

surgeons performing surgery

Is Weight Loss Surgery Safe?

Weight loss surgery does involve risks. It’s only ever given to those that medically need bariatric surgery. Our experts talk in detail.

medical help

Is Saxenda Safe?

Saxenda is growing in popularity, but how do you know if it’s safe? Our experts look into your safety concerns around Saxenda & how it works.

best exercise for weight loss using resistance bands

What is the Best Exercise for Weight Loss?

Many people wonder about what the best exercise is for weight loss, but we believe the best exercise is one you enjoy! Find out more from our weight management experts right here.

Weighloss in old clothes.

What is Semaglutide Used For?

Our expert team explains what Semaglutide is used for, why it may be prescribed to you, and which similar medications are on the market.

Off label blank medication

What is Off-Label Prescribing?

Prescribing medication can be much more complex than you might realise. We explain what off-label prescribing means and how it affects you.

Saxenda liraglutide injection 3 mg

What is Liraglutide?

Liraglutide is the active ingredient in Saxenda but how does it work to help you lose weight? Find out more about these popularweight loss injections.

weighing scale with tape measure

What is Healthy Weight Loss?

When trying to lose weight, it’s important to aim for a healthy weight loss, which is usually gradual and sustained rather than sudden loss.

hydrate often with water

The Importance of Hydration in Weight Management

Good hydration is important all of the time, not just when you’re going through a weight management program. However, when you’re trying to lose weight, you may be increasing your physical activity, which also means that you need to increase the amount of water that you drink to avoid becoming

eatwell guide

The History of the Eatwell Guide

The Eatwell Guide has helped people eat a balanced diet for years, and as our understanding of nutrition has changed, so has the guide. Learn more about its big glow up.

Person planning at a desk

How to Design a Weight Loss Program

Designing a weight loss program is easier than you might think. Our team has split it up into 5 easy steps to help you lose weight fast.

rybelsus tablets

The History of Rybelsus

Many people taking Semaglutide injections wish they could take tablets instead – this is why Rybelsus pills were made! Learn more about Semaglutide tablets.

female clutching at her stomach in pain

The Side Effects of Stopping Saxenda

When thinking about taking Saxenda you may not have considered what finishing it looks like. We explain what happens when treatment is done.

healhty porridge and fruit

Why Is Fibre Important In Our Diet?

Making sure you get enough fibre in your diet is important for good gut health and for weight management. Read this post for more details.

female using tape measure over stomach

Why Does Weight Loss Plateau?

Weight loss plateaus are frustrating but can signal healthy, sustainable gains. Our experts explain why plateaus happen & how to push through

buy semaglutide online

Where to Buy Saxenda Pen Needles

When taking Saxenda you may worry about running out of needles. Our team explains which needles to use with Saxenda & where to find them.

wegovy semaglutide injection

What is Wegovy?

Weogvy is a new weight loss treatment that has just been licensed in the UK. It contains Semaglutide like Ozempic, but what’s the difference?

Saxenda dosing calendar

How Long Does a Saxenda Pen Last?

When taking Saxenda, it can be difficult to work out how many doses you’ll get from each pen. Our team explains how many pens you’ll need.

what is visceral fat

What is Visceral Fat?

Visceral fat surrounds your organs in the abdomen and is the most dangerous type of fat. Find out what you can do to reduce visceral fat.

salmon salad healh

What is the Keto diet?

If you’ve been trying to lose weight you may have heard about the keto diet, but may not know what it really is. Our team explains keto diets so you can decide whether one is right for you.

Yello Safety first road sign

Is Semaglutide Safe?

When considering treatment, it’s important to ask if Semaglutide is safe for you. We talk about it’s performance in safety trials and who may need to take caution.

orange infused water

Can You Drink Alcohol on Mysimba?

If you’re taking Mysimba for weight loss you may wonder if you can drink alcohol. We look at the relationship between alcohol & Mysimba

A pack of Mysimba tablets

How Mysimba Works for Weight Loss

Mysimba is a weight loss medication that can make a big difference to your BMI, but how does it work? Our team explains treatment in detail

Saxenda pen on a pink surface next to an apple, a notebook, a dumbbell, and a tape measure.

Saxenda: How Does It Work?

Saxenda (Liraglutide) is a weight loss injection that can help you reach a healthy weight, but how does it work? Our team explains it all.

A healthy egg salad

The Role of Diet in Weight Management

Diet is an important part of weight management, both short term and long term. Our team explain the relationship between your diet and weight loss

hunger scale image

What is the Hunger Scale?

The hunger scale goes from 1-10 and helps you check in with yourself about your appetite. The scale can help to reduce over-eating and discomfort.

gip agonists

What Are GIP Receptor Agonists?

Learn how GIP receptor agonists can interact with your hunger hormones to help you lose weight and how they work with GLP-1 agonists.

Blue medication capsules

Can You Buy Orlistat Over the Counter?

We look at the difference between over the counter and prescription Orlistat, where you can get them. and why you may need one rather than the other.

blue capsules

How to Take Orlistat for Weight Loss

Taking Orlistat at the right time is very important, so let us help you get it right! We look at doses, timing, and how long treatment lasts.

Image of a Saxenda pen in a thought bubble

When Will Liraglutide Be Generic?

Liraglutide is available as brands Saxenda & Victoza at the moment but how long will it be before it’s available as generic? We find out more

inject needles close up

How Do You Take Semaglutide?

If you’re new to Semaglutide, it can be difficult to know how to take it. We walk you through it so you can take your injections confidently.

rybelsus tablets

Does Saxenda Come in Pill Form?

If you hate needles you may think Saxenda injections aren’t for you, but what if there was a pill form? Our experts explain the alternatives

blue pills

What is Mysimba?

We answer some of your questions about Mysimba, including how it works, how to take it, and how much weight you could lose during treatment.

injection pen on orange background

Can Liraglutide be Used With Insulin?

Some patients can take Liraglutide and insulin together, but only in very specific circumstances. We learn more about which patients could take both medications and why you’d need them.

tired lady yawning

Can Saxenda Make You Tired?

Fatigue is a common side effect of medicines, so you may wonder if it will affect you while taking Saxenda. We explain why you may experience fatigue and when you should see a doctor.

woman in maternity

Saxenda and Pregnancy

Learn more about getting pregnant while you’re taking Saxenda for weight loss and what the next steps in your treatment would look like.

man with a stomachache holding toilet paper in the bathroom

Does Saxenda Cause Constipation?

Learn more about why Saxenda causes constipation and what you can do to relieve your symptoms during your weight loss treatment.

Mounjaro Pen

How Does Tirzepatide Work?

Tirzepatide is a type 2 diabetes medication that’s seeing some very interesting results in patients. Learn how Tirzepatide works.

stop light

Is Semaglutide Dangerous?

Semaglutide shouldn’t be dangerous for most people that are prescribed it. Our experts explain when Semaglutide may become dangerous.

buy semaglutide online

How Much Does Wegovy Cost?

Now it’s been licensed in the UK, many are wondering how much Wegovy costs. We break down costs and compare similar medications i.e. Saxenda.

NHS Logo

Can I Get Semaglutide on the NHS?

Getting Semaglutide on the NHS is possible, but only in very specific circumstances. Find out how you could get a prescription.

A woman looking at her reflection in the mirror

What is Tirzepatide Used For?

Learn more about what Tirzepatide is used for and the benefits it can offer during your treatment, including what Mounjaro could do for you.

a healthy fridge open

Should I Refrigerate Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is an injectable medicine which should be refrigerated until first use. We talk about how you can refrigerate Semaglutide safely.

mysimba vs saxenda main image

Mysimba vs Saxenda – Which is Better?

Choosing to start weight loss medication can be difficult – there are so many to choose from! We compare Saxenda & Mysimba to help you make your choice and feel confident in your treatment.

holding stomach fat

Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Loose skin after weight loss is common in those that have a lot of weight to lose. We talk about how you may be able to avoid it.

measuring waist

Is Permanent Weight Loss Possible?

If you’re nearing your goal weight you may be worried about maintenance or yo-yo dieting. We explain how to make weight loss permanent.

someone injecting an apple

How to Take Liraglutide

If you’ve been prescribed Liraglutide you’ll need to learn how to take it. We walk you through the basics so you can start taking Saxenda with confidence.

british cash and coins

Can You Buy Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is gaining popularity with doctors and consultants worldwide as a treatment for type 2 diabetes. However, it has also been noted that the medication may be beneficial for adults with a BMI of over 30 that struggle to lose weight naturally. This leads many people to ask if they can

stress man

Can Stress Affect Weight Loss?

Stress is something that we all experience. Some of us more than others, and to different degrees. However, just because all of us feel it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to go through. Especially when it can affect so much in your life such as your mental and physical health.   How