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Is Wegovy more effective than Ozempic?

We talk about Wegovy vs Ozempic, the two types of semaglutide, which is more effective? Should you buy Wegovy or Ozempic for weight loss?
Wegovy vs Ozempic

Are you looking to start your weight loss journey, or do you think a different treatment may be more effective? Studies show that Wegovy is more effective than Ozempic when it comes to weight loss, here’s what you need to help you make an informed decision on what weight loss treatment is best for you.

What is Wegovy?

Wegovy is an injectable weight loss medication that should be used alongside a healthy, low-calorie diet and regular physical activity. It is only available by prescription from a medical professional and our specialists at myBMI.

How does Wegovy work?

Wegovy is made to suppress your appetite, meaning you eat fewer calories and therefore lose weight. It mimics a gut hormone called GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) and interacts with the parts of the brain that tell you when you feel full. Less food means fewer calories!

What is Ozempic?

Ozempic is a diabetes medication that is not approved for weight loss yet in the UK, however private clinics like myBMI can prescribe it off-label for this purpose as it is still safe to be used for weight loss when used alongside a healthy diet and exercise.

How does Ozempic work?

Ozempic works in a very similar way to Wegovy, mimicking the same hormone (GLP-1) that interacts with the part of the brain that makes you feel full. Again, a lowered appetite means less food which leads to weight loss. Ozempic also slows down your digestive system so food takes longer to be processed and your meals should leave you feeling fulfilled for longer.

What is the active ingredient in Wegovy & Ozempic?

Both Wegovy and Ozempic have the same active ingredient, semaglutide. Semaglutide is a class of medication known as a GLP-1, and it mimics a gut hormone that is usually released in response to eating (the one that makes you feel full). Although both treatments have the same active ingredient, there is a difference in the results that people are seeing from the different drugs.

How much weight will I lose with Wegovy?

Wegovy starts to work as soon as it is injected, however, it may take time to see results. In clinical trials, it’s been shown that Wegovy reduced body weight by around 15% over the treatment plan of around a year. One-eighth of this weight loss is dropped in the first month of treatment.

How much weight will I lose with Ozempic?

Ozempic also starts to work as soon as the first dose is injected, but the time it takes to see results may vary. When using Ozempic people lose up to an average of 6% of their body weight in the first year of treatment.

Are there any other factors to consider regarding the time frame of results?

There are always other factors to consider, including:

  • What dosage you are taking.
  • If you have type 2 diabetes.
  • The amount of excess weight you started your treatment with.
  • If you are undergoing treatment alongside a healthy diet and exercise.

So, what is the difference between Wegovy and Ozempic?

The only major difference is the long-term treatment doses. The maintenance dose of Wegovy is higher than the maintenance dose of Ozempic.

The typical long-term dose of Wegovy is 2.4mg, and Ozempic is 1mg (with a maximum of 2). So, when we consider the doses, Wegovy is stronger than Ozempic – making it more effective for weight loss.


It is also important when starting your weight loss journey to understand that you are completely unique, and what works for another might not work for you. If you have any questions regarding treatment plans you should always consult a professional. At MyBMI we have a team of weight management specialists and licensed prescribers who can help you choose the right plan for you and help you achieve your goals.

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