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How Much Does Wegovy Cost?

Now it's been licensed in the UK, many are wondering how much Wegovy costs. We break down costs and compare similar medications i.e. Saxenda.
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Now Wegovy has been licensed in the UK, many of us are wondering how much Wegovy costs.

As many people who want to take GLP-1 receptor agonists for weight loss are already taking or considering taking Saxenda, we’re keen to work out how the cost of this new, more effective medication will measure up.

Will the once-weekly doses of Wegovy mean savings when compared to daily injections of Saxenda?

Does a higher weekly dose mean more expense to patients?

We’ll answer these questions and more as this article reveals the cost of Wegovy.

How much does Wegovy cost every month?

Wegovy is a prescription medication, so the cost to patients taking it will mostly depend on three things; the cost of your consultation, the cost of the medication itself, and the cost of any extras you may need.

For example, at the time of writing, the cost of myBMI’s weekly GLP-1 receptor agonist injections is usually £199 for 28 days of treatment.

This cost includes your consultation, your prescription medication, delivery, extras like needles and sharps bins, and any additional support that our healthcare team can provide.

Additional support can include medicines and treatments that can help to relieve side effects like nausea, which are common when you start taking medications like Wegovy and your body is getting used to them.

How much does each Semaglutide injection cost?

Working out the cost of each Semaglutide (the active ingredient in Wegovy) injection is pretty simple.

Each Semaglutide pen contains a single dose, premeasured to make injections easier and keep you from taking too much of the active ingredient.

This means that working out how much one Wegovy injection will cost you is as simple as dividing the amount you’ve paid for your treatment by the number of pens you received.

Using myBMI’s weekly injection treatment plan as an example again, you’ll usually pay £199 for 28 days and you’ll receive 4 pens.

Divide £199 by 4 and you’ll find that you’re paying £49.75 for one week of treatment, including your medication, consultation, and all the added extras.

Will the cost of Wegovy increase as my dose increases?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll usually pay £199 for 28 days of Wegovy weight loss injections from myBMI.

However, there are some cases where you’ll have to pay more for your treatment, and this is usually when you need a higher weekly dose of Semaglutide.

At the moment, the most we will charge for weekly injections is £249 for 28 days of treatment with our higher dose Surge and Surge+ plans, which naturally covers the cost of your consultation and everything else we’ve already discussed.

The reason for this increase in price is simply because the cost of the medication rises when doses get higher.

We do everything we can to keep the cost of our treatment plans affordable, but when medication gets more expensive, we have to take that into account.

Of course, any changes to the cost of your plan will be communicated to you beforehand, so you’ll always know what you’ll be paying.

Does Wegovy cost more than Saxenda?

Saxenda is another weight loss treatment that uses a GLP-1 receptor agonist as its active ingredient.

The main difference between the two is that Saxenda uses daily injections, whereas Wegovy is weekly.

Whether Wegovy will cost you more than Saxenda will depend on a couple of things; where you get your treatment, your daily dose, and whether you have an NHS prescription.

Saxenda is available to suitable patients on the NHS, although getting an NHS prescription for it can be much trickier than private prescriptions.

This is because you have to be at tier 3 of the NHS’s weight management programme, which requires that you try a range of different options first.

If you can get Saxenda on the NHS, then you’ll naturally find it to be cheaper than private prescriptions of Wegovy or Saxenda, as you’ll be paying the standard NHS prescription charge for your treatment.

Is private prescription of Saxenda cheaper than Wegovy?

If you decide to go for a private prescription of Saxenda, the amount you’ll pay will depend on your treatment provider and your daily dose.

At the time of writing, the average cost of a Saxenda pen is £47, and how this will translate to your treatment cost will depend on what stage of treatment you’re at.

At the beginning of your treatment, one pen will last for 17 days, but when you increase to the highest daily dose, your pen will only last you 6 days.

This means that at the highest dose of Saxenda, you’ll be paying £235 for 30 days of treatment and this will usually only include your consultation and medication without any extras.

So all in all, Saxenda is currently cheaper than Wegovy, but only by a small amount.

Here at myBMI, we’ve decided to keep the cost of Saxenda the same as Wegovy for the moment (£199 – 249 for 28 days of treatment), as we’ll also include the extras you’ll receive on our weekly injection plan.

Will the cost of Wegovy always be the same?

Whether the cost of Wegovy will always stay the same will depend on the cost of the medication itself.

As we’ve previously explained, the cost of a private prescription will include the cost of your consultation and your medication, so if the medication becomes more expensive, the overall cost will rise too.

With that being said, it’s impossible to predict whether medication costs will rise, there are so many factors to consider that could cause price fluctuations that you’d need to have superpowers to know what would happen for certain.

So, that’s our breakdown of how much Wegovy costs and how it compares to similar medications like Saxenda.

Remember, if you have any questions our team are always available to give you the information you’re looking for.

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