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How We Ensure Accuracy
In Our Content

Searching for advice about your health on the internet can be tricky, which is why we’re dedicated to creating quality content, just for you.

Learn more about how our team works together to create content you can trust.

Understanding the importance of reliable health information online

Finding reliable online health information can be a daunting task, especially with all of the false information out there!

We understand it’s hard to trust what you read on the internet about medical advice.

That’s why our content creation process is designed to deliver content that’s accurate, helpful and trustworthy.

We use the knowledge of our healthcare experts and other trusted sources to make sure our information is credible.

Our collaborative team effort

Creating both compelling and accurate content for our website is a collaborative effort, using research, creative thinking and rigorous fact-checking before any information is shared with you.

Our dedicated team works together to ensure that our guides and product information are not only informative but also interesting and precise.

Each team member plays a vital role, and here’s a closer look at the individuals who breathe life into our content.

Our Trusted Pharmacists

Our team consists of registered pharmacists who stand ready to provide their expert insights and share the knowledge they’ve gained through years of practical experience.

Every piece of content on our site undergoes scrutiny for accuracy and quality. This means you can trust that the information we provide is both trustworthy and accurate.

Our pharmacists also keep our team up-to-date with the latest developments in pharmaceutical matters, serving as a reliable resource when other online advice falls short. Additionally, they contribute valuable topics for discussion, using their experience to suggest content ideas that address the most frequently asked questions from patients.

By collaborating with our content writing team, we make our pharmacists’ wealth of knowledge and experience accessible to you without leaving your home.

Our Skilled Content Writers

Our content writers are entrusted with the task of translating the wealth of knowledge stored in our pharmacists’ minds into original, easy-to-understand content.

Their responsibilities range from writing guides and healthcare advice to detailing information about specific treatments and products.

To ensure accuracy and reliability, our writers do comprehensive research using reputable sources. When necessary, they seek advice and first hand experience from our pharmacists to gain insight.

Our writers apply their creative talents and writing skills daily to answer the questions that matter most to our patients, consistently providing fresh and engaging content for our audience to revisit.

Dedicated Customer Services

Our customer services team are the friendly voice you receive when reaching out via email or phone.

They play an essential role in channelling your feedback to the appropriate individuals, helping to make improvements and fixing any occasional errors or omissions.

As they interact with our patients and customers daily, they serve as a valuable source of information for our writing team.

They keep our writers up-to-date of the most commonly asked questions and assist in ensuring that our content remains crystal clear by identifying areas for improvement based on insights from both themselves and our customers.

Reliable sources at the core

To earn your trust, we adhere to a strict policy of using only trusted sources for our content.

Recognising the challenge of distinguishing fact from fiction online, our content team relies on universally respected sources for information.

Among our most frequently utilised sources are:

Our rigorous review process

While our content writers excel at producing accurate and informative content, we recognise the value of professional feedback.

Our pharmacists step in to review each piece of content on our site, providing their opinions and suggesting improvements.

Once content has received their stamp of approval, you’ll find their credentials prominently displayed at the top of each piece, including their name, qualifications and General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) registration number.

This assures you that a qualified pharmacist has endorsed the information we present.

Staying current with healthcare advancements

The field of healthcare is ever-evolving and advancing, and we are committed to keeping pace.

Each time we create content, we mark it with the date of publication and a review date set two years into the future.

Upon reaching that date, our content team meticulously reviews the page, verifying its accuracy and making necessary updates.

These updates include ensuring the accuracy of Patient Information Leaflets for medications, confirming the ingredient lists and incorporating any revisions made to these documents into our content.

This review process not only maintains the accuracy of our work but also enables us to introduce new information that we believe will be of interest to our customers and patients.

Expressing our unique style

We firmly believe in empowering you to make informed choices about your healthcare, and this begins with understanding your condition and the available treatments.

However, we acknowledge that reading complex medical information can be dull and hard to understand.

That’s why we strive to keep our language simple, direct and engaging.

We recognise that healthcare can be perplexing, and deciphering the leaflets that come with your medications may seem like an impossible task.

Our mission is to remove confusion and provide you with informative content that is easy to digest.

Think of it as a translation service; we take the intricate medical jargon and break it down into reader-friendly pieces that deliver the information you seek.

Listening to your valuable feedback

No one is perfect, and despite our best efforts, occasional errors can occur.

This is why your feedback is invaluable to us; it guides our continuous improvement.

We welcome your thoughts about our website and encourage you to report anything that may appear amiss.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer services team with your feedback, as they will speak with our content team to rectify any errors.

Your feedback is not only welcomed but cherished, helping us strive to be the best pharmacy we can possibly be.


In summary, our commitment is unwavering when it comes to delivering expertly crafted, trustworthy and accessible healthcare information.

We operate as a united team, with pharmacists, content writers and customer services working harmoniously to ensure your peace of mind when seeking reliable health advice on our website.

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