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Photograph of Lou Humphreys, independent prescriber from myBMI

Lou Humphreys

Prescribing Pharmacist

Lou Humphreys is a qualified Pharmacist, a registered pharmaceutical chemist with the General Pharmaceutical Council.


She graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with an honours degree in Pharmacy.


She has decades of experience as a community pharmacist working in many of the major chains as a manager and as a pharmacist in the UK and internationally.


She gained her Masters Level 7 in Independent Prescribing in 2018 from Bangor University, North Wales, she is fully qualified and trained in prescribing for both adults and children.


She subsequently, moved on to gain further qualifications in Acute Ailments prescribing at a Masters level and is currently working towards her Higher Education PGCert in medical education.


She believes in widening access to healthcare and in particular to anti-
obesity treatments, she considers obesity to be a chronic disease requiring treatment.


Fortunately, she has the opportunity to help her patients achieve this through online long-distant prescribing on MyBMI.

She has an interest in the biochemistry of nutrition, the biochemistry of nutrition recruits a multitude of scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry and physics, to gain a deeper understanding of aspects such as cell function and metabolism.


Lou does not hold with the now-outdated notion of “calories in, calories out” school of thought. She believes it is how your body metabolises what you eat that determines your final weight.


She also has an interest in Epigenetic diets and how lifestyle modifications can benefit the body, including the microbiome status.


She is a qualified weight loss coach and has an in-depth knowledge of human species-appropriate diets such as LCHF, Paleo, Mevy and the Ketogenic way of eating.

Professional Credentials


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BSc(Hons) in Pharmacy

Honours degree from Liverpool John Moores University

Bangor Town Coat Of Arms

Level 7 (Postgraduate) Independent Prescribing / 2018
Certificate of Development completed in Independent Prescribing for Pharmacists from Bangor University, North Wales

Bangor Town Coat Of Arms

Level 7 Acute Ailments and Conditions

Prescribing certificate at Masters level

MSc PG Certificate in Higher Education


Professional Leadership

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Weight Management Specialist at My Health Online Ltd. 

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Weight loss coaching trained