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Education is incredibly important during your weight loss journey.


Take a read of our advice that has been checked and approved quality and accuracy by medical specialists so you can trust the information your are reading.


Can Saxenda Affect Your Menstrual Cycle?

Saxenda can help with weight loss, but can it also affect your menstrual cycle?


Naturally, some women could find potential changes to their period worrying, so our experts have looked into this to help put your fears to rest.

semaglutide safety

The History of Semaglutide

Semaglutide is a drug that’s contained in weekly injections.


Whilst it’s a relatively new treatment, it actually took five years before it was first approved for use as a treatment for type 2 diabetes.


The History of Rybelsus

Rybelsus is the brand name for the tablet form of Semaglutide.


Before Rybelsus was developed, the only way to take Semaglutide was via a subcutaneous injection.

hunger scale

What is The Hunger Scale?

The Hunger Scale goes from 1-10 and is a useful tool for you to check in with yourself about your appetite.


It can help to reduce over-eating and discomfort, and can teach you how to recognise your body’s natural signals.


17% Rise in Obesity-Related Hospital Admissions

Obesity-related hospital admissions increased by 17% in 2019/2020 in England.


We take a look at the data and look at how you can avoid a hospital admission.


Link Between High BMI & Increased Risk of COVID-19

New research has found a link between having a high BMI (over 25) and an increased risk of testing positive for COVID-19.


In addition to this, abdominal obesity may be a risk factor for lung damage with COVID-19.

eatwell guide

The History of the Eatwell Guide​

The Eatwell Guide as we know it has been around for a few years, but it wasn’t always as detailed.


We take a look at the history of the Eatwell Guide from its rudimentary beginnings in the 1990s, and look at some of the changes that have been made over the years.

female using tape measure over stomach

Why Does Weight Loss Plateau?

Weight loss plateaus can be incredibly frustrating.


However, they’re also a completely normal and healthy part of losing weight.


Most of the time, you just need to make a few minor tweaks to push past a weight loss plateau.


Our team tells you what you need to know about the dreaded plateau.

woman looking in the mirror for weight loss results

How Long Does it Take to Notice Weight Loss?​​

Weight loss shows on everyone at a different rate.


There are so many factors that contribute to when you might start seeing results, and we take a look at just a few.

overcome a weight loss plateau

What is Healthy Weight Loss?

A healthy loss is what we ideally want to be achieving when going through a weight management program, and that can look different on everybody.

Our team take a look at the facts and why slow and steady wins the race.


It can be frustrating to see the scales not moving much when you’re trying to lose weight.


We take a look at what you can do to boost your weight loss after a period of maintenance.


Is Weight Loss Surgery Safe?

Weight loss surgery is the most extreme form of medical intervention for weight loss.


We talk about the safety of these procedures and what you can expect from it.


Does Weight Loss Cause Depression?

Some people experience feelings of depression or low mood when they lose weight.


We explain why this might happen and what you can do to avoid feeling down during your weight loss journey.


How to Maintain Weight Loss

The key to long-term weight loss is maintenance.


We talk about how you can maintain any weight loss you achieve when you reach your target weight.


Will I Get Loose Skin After I Lose Weight?

Loose skin is something that’s common after large or rapid weight loss.


We talk about what you might be able to do to help reduce the appearance of excess skin, as well as discussing options for removal if you’re left with loose skin when you reach your weight loss goals.

water poured into a glass

The Importance of Hydration in Weight Management

Hydration is incredibly important, particularly when you’re embarking on a weight management journey.


We talk about hydration, how to tell if you need to drink more, and how much you should aim to drink each day.


Ghrelin and Leptin

Ghrelin and leptin are your “hunger hormones”, which play a role in telling you when to stop and start eating.


Our team explain how they work and what happens when they’re unbalanced.


Many people that are overweight struggle with leptin resistance, too, which we talk about in this article.


Can Stress Affect Weight Loss?

Stress can affect your weight in more ways than you might suspect.


It can cause hormonal changes as well as changes in your behaviour.


Keep reading to find out more about how stress could be affecting your progress.


When Does Weight Loss Become a Concern?​

Not all weight loss is positive and unhealthy weight loss can become concerning.


We talk about the situations where weight loss might be a concern and what you can do to stay safe.

woman measuring with tape measure in front of a mirror

How to Lose Weight Fast in 7 Days

Rapid weight loss is never healthy – we don’t encourage anyone to try to lose large amounts of weight in a week.


However, we can help you with boosting your weight loss in safe and sustainable ways.


Is Permanent Weight Loss Possible?

Permanent weight loss is indeed possible!


Once you’ve mastered living a healthy lifestyle, you should be able to maintain your weight loss for good without gaining much weight.

Even when private prescribers try to keep their prices down as much as they can, Semaglutide can still put strain on your bank account.


We explain who might be eligible for payment help, and what your options are if you can’t get Semaglutide for free.

Have you ever wished you could lose your belly fat but feel like it’s always the last thing to go when you’re losing weight?


Our experts are here to explain why you lose fat from different places around your body and what you can do to lose stomach fat more quickly.

If you want to lose weight you may find it overwhelming when you’re trying to start out, but designing a weight loss program is easier than you might think.


Our team has split it up into 5 easy steps to help you lose weight fast.