Does Saxenda Have to be Refrigerated?
MyBMI explain how you should store Saxenda pens, what you should do if one gets warm, and how we keep them refrigerated until they get to you.
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Does Saxenda Have to be Refrigerated?

Taking Saxenda is different to taking other everyday medications in a lot of ways.


For example, you’ll need to administer your daily injections yourself, use the pen properly to ensure you get the proper dose and make sure your treatment is stored correctly.


Saxenda is a medication that needs to be kept cool before you use it, so it’s important to know what the storage guidelines are so your medication will be safe to use.


We’re here to explain how you should store your pens, what you should do if one gets warm, and how we keep your treatment refrigerated until it gets to you.


How to store Saxenda

You will need to store your Saxenda pens in the fridge, as they need to be kept between 2 – 8 degrees Celcius.


Although the pens need to be kept cool, you should not freeze them and should keep them away from the freezer compartment if you have a fridge freezer.


When you have started using a pen you can keep it at room temperature until you’re finished with it, which will be under 30 degrees C.


Remember to keep the pens out of direct sunlight and keep their caps on when they’re not in use to protect the Liraglutide solution inside from light.


Can I use Saxenda if it hasn’t been refrigerated?

If your Saxenda pens haven’t been kept refrigerated until you’re ready to use them you should not use your injections and should get in touch with your healthcare team right away.


You should also check the solution within the pen to see if it looks as it should.


The solution should be clear and colourless, if the solution is cloudy or noticeably discoloured you should not use the pen — this also applies if you have kept your Saxenda refrigerated.


How long can you keep Saxenda out of the fridge?

When you start using a Saxenda pen you can keep it out of the fridge and at room temperature for up to one month.


As you will be taking your injections every day, this will be more than enough time for you to get through the solution in a single pen without wasting any.


Even during the earliest stage of treatment, the longest it will take for you to finish a single pen will usually be 17 days, much less than a month.


Although this can be slightly different if your prescriber has decided to increase your dose more slowly than with the standard dosage plan, you should still have more than enough time to use all of the Saxenda solution within one pen in a month.


How do you keep Liraglutide cold while it’s delivered?

When we provide Liraglutide and other refrigerated medications like Wegovy, we take special measures to make sure that the injections are kept cool.


We include cold packs in the packaging to keep your treatment at the recommended temperature until it reaches you.


We also request that each delivery is signed for, so you will be able to refrigerate your injections right away when they are delivered to your chosen address.


These measures not only ensure that your medication is kept cool but help us to be sure that you’ve got your treatment in the expected timeframe.



Now you know how to store your Saxenda pen, you may have other questions about your treatment that need some answers.


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