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How to Stop Taking Saxenda


Most people that start taking Saxenda have a goal of coming off the medication eventually.

After all, the purpose of it is to help with weight loss.

Once you’ve achieved that, it makes sense to start to think about stopping treatment. 


How to Stop Taking Saxenda


People think about stopping Saxenda for several different reasons.

If you’re thinking of stopping due to side effects, please speak to a member of your healthcare team, they may be able to recommend some supporting treatments to help you to manage your symptoms. 

Most side effects of Saxenda can be managed with medication until they naturally subside.

Supporting treatments are actually included as part of the consultation fee for myBMI patients.

This is so that you can have the best start possible if you’re finding it difficult to tolerate your weight loss medication at first.

Others choose to stop taking Saxenda because it hasn’t been successful for them.

If this is the case for you, please speak to your healthcare team or email our team at [email protected].

One of our clinicians might be able to give you some advice after a consultation.

Please know that there are options available for you if you’re still struggling to shift any weight with Saxenda.  


Unfortunately, there’s no official guidance on how you should stop taking Saxenda.

Because of this, we recommend that you speak to your GP or prescriber if you’re considering stopping treatment.

They should advise you on the best way to stop for your circumstances. 


For example, if you’re struggling to tolerate Liraglutide or are having severe side effects, you may be told to stop taking it immediately.

If you do experience severe or serious side effects, please seek urgent medical help and make sure to mention that you’re using Saxenda.  


Many people reach their ideal weight and find that they want to stop taking Saxenda.

In this case, you may be advised to gradually reduce your dose.

Some clinicians advise this to minimise the risk of weight gain and to make sure that the lifestyle changes you’ve made are effective. 


There’s currently no timeframe on how long you should take Saxenda for, so we take each case on an individual basis.

If you’re unsure whether weight loss medications are the right thing for you, our prescribers are specially trained in weight management and can let you know what your options would be.

If they agree that a weight loss medication could help you and are willing to prescribe it after your consultation, they will work with you to agree on a medication regime.  


Before you consider stopping Saxenda, you should make sure that the changes you’ve put in place are effective for you.

Many people stop taking weight loss medications and gain weight again.


This is usually because they haven’t managed to implement lasting changes.

We would only advise stopping Saxenda if you either can’t tolerate the medicine, or if you’re at a place where you can control your weight through diet and exercise.  

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